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Dr Sandhya Ramrakha
Sandhya is Research Manager for the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Unit. She joined the Dunedin Study as the lead mental health interviewer during the ‘age 26 assessment phase’, and provided clinical support for the Study members. Her previous career was as Senior Clinical Psychologist in the NSW (Australia) Department of Corrections. Sandhya used data from the Dunedin Study for her PhD which focused on the links between mental and sexual health, with specific reference to risky sexual behaviour. Her current research interest involves examining the mental health and psychosocial correlates and consequences of skin conditions.

SATURDAY 31 October, 2 pm

Did you know that sex can affect your mental health? This session by
Dr Sandhya Ramrakha will provided insights from the Dunedin Study, which has followed the lives of 1,000 Dunedinites from birth to adulthood. Come and explore the links between mental health and sexual behaviour throughout the course of life.

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