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Dr Melanie Beres
Melanie’s research focuses on how power and social inequalities impact intimate relationships. Her research has included exploring the construction of sexual consent in heterosexual casual and long-term relationships. Melanie has a secondary specialty in research methods including both quantitative and qualitative methods. More recently, Melanie’s research interests have broadened to include sexual consent and definitions of sex within non-heterosexual relationships. She is currently working on a project on heteronormative assumptions about sex and sexuality and how they play out (or not) in how straight/gay/lesbian/bi people’s descriptions of their sexual lives. Melanie is currently a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Otago.

SATURDAY 31 October, 11:45 am

It’s not as simple as it seems. On the surface defining sex seems synonymous with intercourse. However, looking deeper reveals that defining sex goes beyond a simple list of acts or behaviours.
Dr Melanie Beres will talk about how people from diverse sexual identities define sex and how this shapes their sexual relationships.

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